HRIS that adapts to your needs

TORI is an HRM system combining a company portal, employee management, HR core, recruiting management, assets management, and more with the primary goal of uniting your company, improving hiring and retaining employees

Integrate with your existing tools

Central place for your company life ​

Tori connects your employees with your company, maximizes employees' interactions, and give them a clear 360-degree view on company life

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set up in minutes

Intuitive, easy to start and use

Forget about complex HR systems. You do not need to spend your time and money on restructuring your operations or learning your team's new system​

HR & Recruiting in one place

Tori scales with your company and includes HR and Recruiting with a full-cycle process inside, from sourcing to fire ​

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custom fields dash

Customize any field in a few clicks

Every business is unique, and Tori is a super flexible system with the possibility to add any custom fields and configurations ​

Decide who has access and where

Give access and permissions according to the user's company role and responsibilities. Create user groups to share specific accesses with particular employees ​

roles and acesses

Keep company policies up to date

Quickly introduce new rules, policies, and regulations and get everyone in compliance with, publish changes and updates

Got questions?

Explore Tori with 30-days free trial. No credit card required

Tori cares about everyone in your company

HR Managers

Build HR strategy in your way and drive collaboration with your staff through news and kudos


Automates the processes, like candidate search, scheduling interviews & questionnaires


Get visibility on your company structure and know everything about colleagues, from their skills to hobbies

C-level executives

Tori simplifies adopting new rules in your company and tracks HR & recruiting performance

System administrators

Manage and track your devices and plan their usage for new employees