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Using many separate systems for your business? Tons of disconnected excel spreadsheets?
Tori helps you manage all company aspects in one place and structure your business

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Company health tracking
HR & Recruting

Tori Unites Ten Systems in One

Tori unites your finances, fixed assets, expenses, recruitment, and employee management, and more with the primary goal of presenting to you the real status of your business in real-time so that you could make the right decisions.  

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Managing all company processes is challenging. Tori makes it easy.

Do these problems sound familiar to you?

Too Many Systems

You are tired of jumping from system to system to analyze monthly results

Too Little Time

You are too busy to track all operations and want to see your company results in one place

Hate Paper Work

You want to get rid of your army of spreadsheets and to digitalize your business

Irrelevant reports

You want to see accurate and real-time business reports, but your CFO does that manually, and you need to wait for weeks

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What benefits can you get with TORI?  


Tori will be your digital assistant who works 24/7 and analyses the state of your Finances, Projects, Staff,
and once all your data is digital and in one place, you will get a clear and honest view of your status

Saves 80-90% of your weekly time

When you need to jump from system to system or switch from digitalized info to paper documents, realizing that some data is not even there, it is wasting your time and energy. Tori has a goal to correct this for you and provide reliable info on your business’s essential aspects.


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Gives you 360 visibility on your staff

When your company grows, you may need to have a single place with all the employee data, where you can find anything that you might need at any moment. One of the hundreds of use-cases for this is to help a new employee get to know his or her coworkers where People Directory comes into play.


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Visibility on the finances of your company

When you need to make decisions based on your business financial status, you may need up-to-date reports. They are critical for any business. Tori has all the required information internally and can provide such reports at a click.


Manage your finances

Allows you to see what is coming soon

When you are planning business changes like hiring, raises, purchases, Tori can analyze critical paths and show how that impacts your cash flow or P&L. We created hundreds of conditions to check and will alert you upfront once an issue is detected.


Predict upcoming issues

Do you encounter thousands of new tasks
that absorb your time and energy?

Say “Bye – Bye” to spreadsheets! Keep your company flow organized in Tori, from staff management to finance, from recruitment to assets management.

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