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Replace clunky spreadsheets and manual logs before your company's data will become outdated, irrelevant and redundant

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Allow executive staff and CEO full visibility on company financial and people resources. Have solid opinion on strategic decisions

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Make informed decisions every step of the way and provide C-level performance visibility and control

Make Business Agile

Manage all types of оrganizational assets from purchase to retirement - abandon Excel spreadsheets

Predict Upcoming Problems

Prevent issues with data-driven analytics based on the collective intelligence and machine learning

Keep Your Data Safe

Protect defenseless entry points to your business by improving password behavior and security

Track Your Expenses

Get a full picture of your finances. Know the financial position of your business any time of the year

Your Personal Business Assistant

What is TORI system?

TORI automates most of business processes routine, provides better control of company expenses, assets and monitoring of financial operations. TORI helps stakeholders to foresee crises before they start hurting and gives vital information to adjust business flows

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“ 97% of executives believe that resource management is critical to the success of an organization ”

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