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All-in-one dynamic platform with a business portal inside for small and middle-sized companies. Everything you need to manage and engage employees, track company assets, expenses, and more

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  • Laptops
  • Chairs
  • Monitors
  • Paper
  • Playstation
  • Food

Business Portal

Tori Business Portal is designed to engage and communicate with employees and stay connected with them. Make collaboration hassle-free with your staff via news and kudos

  • Corporate portal
  • Kudos functionality
  • Employee profiles
Corporate Structure
Company Structure

Know the structure of your company, see the levels of authority and responsibility

Job Position
People Records

Help your people and teams to get to know the professional skills and background of each other

users three icon

Know everything about departments, their functions, department's employees, and more

docs icon
Company News

Share essential updates about company life with your team and celebrate achievements together

Staff Adresses on Map
Kudos Scoreboard

Keep your team involved and motivated with kudos


With Tori, you can put your people first, again. Manage all your HR processes from hire to retire in a single place

  • Employee profile with any data you need
  • Monitor probation period ending
  • Birthdays and anniversaries reminder
employee icon
Employee Directory

Find the information you need in no time, from personal to HR data and documents, in a single employee directory

assignment icon
Job Functions

Assign employees functions in a specific position that describes the primary responsibilities of their job

calendar icon

Create and describe positions with function and duties, assign employees on positions and add goals

policy icon
Company Policies

Keep company policies up to date and easily accessible

Company Events
Staff Events

Set employment dates and show appreciation with work anniversaries or birthdays

report icon

Get insight into every aspect of your HR processes


Make the right hires. Automate and streamline every stage of your recruiting process, from applications to offer letters.

  • Vacancies creation and management
  • Candidates profiles and interviews
  • Linkedin Integration
people search
Applicant Tracking

Organize candidates for hiring and recruitment purposes

question-mark icon
Applicant Interviews

Organize internal interviews with preset questionaries

contract icon
Vendors of Subcontractors

In TORI you can track all history of your current and former staff.

linkedin icon
Linkedin extension

Get more candidates with Linkedin integration and save them directly to Tori

results icon
Candidate check

Avoid candidate profile duplicates and make background checks

document analysis icon
Recruitment funnel

Track your recruitment funnel and drive better decisions


Maintain full visibility and track physical assets lifecycle. Whether these are computers or office furniture, it’s important to know the status of everything that your company own

  • Manage assets
  • Assign assets to employees
  • Track asset usage
desktop mac icon
Assets assignment

Assign assets for employees, locations or departments

time icon
Assets History

Track assets usage history and statuses

blocks-group icon
Custom fields

Add custom configurations and fields according to your unique needs


Track and manage business expenses across the company without the headache. Give a sharp picture of where you spent money each month​

  • Organize expenses per categories, types, accounts
  • All company expenses in a single view
  • Scan and track receipts
account-balance icon
Expense and Amortization type

Select expense type, capital, or operating type and calculate the value for business assets

report-data icon
Expense reports and statistic

Get detailed reports across all payments in the company to manage your business finances

computer icon
Linked Expenses with Assets

Add related expenses to assets

report money icon
Recurring Expenses

Automatically convert recurring expenses and save time spent on creating them again

person account icon
Suppliers list

Create a list of company suppliers and track statistics

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Build the perfect workflow for every project. Allocate employees on projects, plan absences, and share the team’s work schedule for productive work

  • Organize projects at a glance
  • Matched projects and employees
  • Allocation Planning
user online icon

Organize your employees, teams, and departments into groups

Time Management

Track work time and PTO of employees

project icon
Resource Scheduling

Get more visibility into the companies resource schedule, know project teams availability

jira icon
Skills & Projects matching

Find resources based on skills, experience, and technologies

emoticon sick icon
Vacations and Sick Leaves

In TORI you can track all history of your current and former staff.

bullet list icon

Visualize the staff allocations per month


Hold your finger on your business’ pulse. Tracks more than 100 areas of your company activity and visualizes issues

  • 24/7 online restless personal digital guard
  • Customizable areas to monitor
  • Drill down to issues and analyze
° С
person question icon
360 visibility on your company

Coming soon

contract icon
Business health monitoring

Coming soon

document performance icon
Predictive analytics

Coming soon


Create and manage all your contracts, project budgets, clients’ information in one place

  • Centralize all your contracts and sales records
  • Manage clients
  • Search and report on all contract information
Fixed scope(s)
person-add icon
Organize contracts and clients

Coming soon!

progress icon
Manage Legal documents

Coming soon!


Learn the profitability of your flow and each of your employees. TORI will consider all related expenses and losses to provide KRI and KPI for different metrics in real-time

  • Manage your finances effectively
  • P&L, Cash Flow, Balance Sheets
  • Streamline financial operations
receipt money icon
Dynamic Payrolls

Your historical and future payrolls are generated automatically

outline account tree icon
Currency Management

Reduce company's financial risk when currency values change

file import icon
Realtime P&L

Your cornerstone financial reports are always at hand

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